(#5) Sketch In “Animal Garage” Show – Part 1 (A Last Minute Sketch) (June 6, 2015)

Wednesday, June 17th, 2015

Aurora with book and head titled in Cozi's show(This is one of the 52 performances in 52 weeks project.)

My friend Cozi was putting up some sketches in a variety show called Animal Garage.

I didn’t realize until recently that Garage is such a tough word to say/hear. Have you noticed that? For basically the whole night I couldn’t figure out that second word when people referred to the show.

And recently, when I’ve been telling people how much I love Sweat Garage (a workout place), everyone makes me repeat it.

So, fyi, garage is hard to say. (I guess keep that in mind when writing/naming things.)

Anyway, Cozi asked if I’d do the marshmallow skit again. It had been so fun last time. I’d be happy to do it again (on the upstairs stage this time).

Well, on my way there, he said another sketch fell through so he had to put up a different one. He was going to go with a sketch of chairs talking to each other. He needed one human to sit on the chairs (and have a couple of lines), and he wondered if I would do it.

I’m always down to jump in. Yeah, absolutely, I’ll do it!

He sent me the script and I didn’t have too much time to look at it. It was only a few lines, so pretty easy to memorize. But nonetheless, I wrote them on an envelope that I used as a bookmark (since I was supposed to be reading in the sketch), just so I could be sure.

Before the sketch started, when I was backstage, I was so dumb. I didn’t have a paper copy of the sketch. So I stupidly thought, “I’ll follow along on my phone.” (Also, why did I even need to follow along when I had my entrance line written on that envelope… that I couldn’t really see in the dark, but I could certainly memorize one line. Aye aye aye, just no good thinking on my part all the way around.)

I didn’t realize how fast the beginning went. By the time I grabbed my phone outta my purse, it was basically my entrance. (Eesh!)

Thank goodness one of the actors looked at me like, “You’re going on soon!”

Then I felt I walked out a little awkwardly since I’d surprised myself.

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