(#5) Sketch In “Animal Garage” Show – Part 2 (I Was So Awkward About Everything)

June 18, 2015

Aurora with book, playing with hair in Cozi's sketch(This is one of the 52 performances in 52 weeks project.)

Picking up from last time –

We were lucky I was carrying a book with me since I needed it for the sketch and had already left when I got the text. However, it was a very specific looking book (about how to live with someone with bipolar disorder, since, as I mentioned, that’s an area I’m possibly interested in exploring in my writing).

Anyway, I didn’t want to hold it so visibly to the audience so that they’d be wondering why this character is reading about bipolar disorder, since it had nothing to do with the sketch. So, I also felt like I held the book awkwardly.

Also, was supposed to fall over during the sketch. (Speaking of things it was too late to change, I was also wearing a skirt. I mean, I will commit fully always to anything onstage. So if people happen to see my underwear, so be it. But had I known I would’ve been falling, I might’ve worn pants…)

Thankfully, there was time for me to practice with the chair so as to know how to control my fall without hurting myself. But then I also felt that I sat awkwardly in order to do that. Basically, everything all the time was awkward.

Also, here’s the worst part! Even after I fell, I was awkward!

There’s a line or two in the script and then I’m supposed to say, “Aww, I lost my place. I have the worst luck!”

In real life, a real human-being girl would’ve gotten up, probably been a bit embarrassed, and looked around to see if anyone saw her fall. Then she would’ve straightened up herself and the chair.

In this sketch, I kind of just stayed on the floor. I realized the book closed around my bookmark, so I didn’t lose my place after all. So then I had to try to lose my place in a way that looked normal (not just shaking out my bookmark).

I just wasn’t thinking. I wasn’t thinking. I wasn’t great with my props. I wasn’t acting natural. But that’s why I’m jumping back into performing. So I can remember all this ridiculously obvious stuff that should be second nature anyway.

I certainly wouldn’t mind getting another crack at this scene, if ever Cozi does it again.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, the marshmallow scene went smashingly! Lots of laughs. People were happy. Yay!

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