Coit Tower (and TRX Training Center) (San Fran! – April 2015)

June 22, 2015

Aurora at the bottom of Coit Tower
(Before the climb up – it’s the building up there)

I tried some new workouts while I was in San Francisco and by far my favorite was TRX. If I lived there, I’m pretty sure I’d practically want to live at that studio. I felt so strong when I left!

On this day (Wednesday the 15th), I got a day pass and wanted to see how many classes I could hit.

Let’s get real. I’m never getting up early enough to be at any before noon. So, that was the first one I went to. Then I had a few hours to kill before they started up again for the after-work crowd. (I went to 3 more that night.)

Anyway, my 3 hours to kill. I walked over to Levi’s Plaza so I could walk the steps up to Coit Tower. Along the way, I met someone named Abhijeet, who became my fun walking buddy. He told me about living in San Francisco as we walked up the steps.

Once we got there, we parted ways so he could read his book in a beautiful scenery, and I could keep well… just wandering. I went to the gift shop and finally bought a mug! (I love mugs!)

Abhijeet and I randomly met up again as we entered the line at the same time to go up to the top! It was his turn first and when he was asked, “Two tickets?” At first he said, “just one.” Then he looked back at me and said, “Make it two.”

Aurora and her new friends in a selfie
with my new friends in the tower

The level of kindness I experienced in San Francisco is incredible!

We went to the top and the woman who was working there was from France! She was so interesting telling us about the world, and about living in San Francisco now. She even sang for us! Her name is Virgine, and we still text every once in a while.

After I took in some beautiful views all around San Francisco, I headed back down and to my last 3 workout classes of the day.

At the TRX Training Center, I got my butt kicked in the most wonderful way. I talked for a long time after the last class with this super inspiring instructor, Miguel. His positive life outlook is so contagious! If you are in SF, I would highly (highly!) recommend going. And if you’re not, you can still follow him on instagram.

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