Good For Donald Trump?

June 23, 2015

Donald Trump (with half smile) shot by Gage Skidmore
Photo credit: Gage Skidmore (found through wiki commons)

As I’m sure you’ve heard (because it’s everywhere (every. where.)), Donald Trump is running for president.

Of course I don’t want him to be our next POTUS. But nonetheless, good for him! (I think.)

He is so the butt of the joke. All the late night shows, all the people on twitter, every place, everybody, everything is just ripping him to shreds.

And yet, he persists.

I feel like so often the world is *ruthless* when it comes to tearing people down. Maybe the world has always been this ruthless, but it’s so loud now with social media.

But he is just taking it, and keeping on.

I kinda feel like if I were Donald Trump, I might be crouched in the corner crying. (I mean, I like to think I’m strong. But am I that strong? To take all that he’s getting!)

I work in the entertainment industry and have huge dreams. I hold onto this belief that if I keep getting up after every bad audition, and if I keep submitting after every rejection, and if I just keep going no matter how much I embarrass myself in the process (and no matter how many times I need to return to the fetal position)… that something good will happen (hopefully).

I don’t know if it will or not. Maybe I’ll grow to be a delusional old woman, still applying to BMI after 50 years of rejection… (But maybe I will get in on year 51!)

Anyway, I think all I’m trying to say is that sometimes to do great things, I think you maybe do have to be at least just a liiiiittle delusional. Otherwise, how can you keep moving forward so defiantly against the odds?

Granted, maybe (just maybe) there is too delusional, or too headstrong? Maybe Donald Trump is officially the line of that? Why waste time, resources, energy running for president when you are not gonna get the nomination from your party?

However, crazier things have happened…

I don’t agree with practically anything (or I think totally anything) I’ve heard Donald Trump say, but I am very impressed at his ability to apparently block people out and just go for what he wants – no matter how crazy it seems.

He is kind of the living definition of YOLO right now.

[*shrugs*] Do your thing, Mr. Trump…?

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