Sometimes The Best Stuff Comes From The Worst Stuff

Thursday, July 2nd, 2015

Alex climbing in the hot air balloonThis is sort of a follow up post to the one about perception being basically everything that I started talking about before my birthday stuff, so I’m kinda book-ending that now (as this is a thought that kind of dawned on me around the time of my birthday).

A year and a half-ish ago, I had, I think, the worst job I’ve ever had. I don’t need to get into all the details, but suffice it to say I was so unhappy (so, so, so unhappy (as were many other people there)).

Originally, I started drafting a longer story here about how I stated my grievances to my bosses and tried to make things better and blah blah blah. But that’s unimportant to this post. The point is, things were not good and they weren’t changing.

I quit (and a lot of the people I really enjoyed left soon after me). Sometimes I pass my old job on the way to my current job, and I laugh in my thankfulness of not being there anymore.

It. Was. Miserable. It was some of my absolute worst weeks in Los Angeles. BUT! Get this. My amazing friend who went hot air ballooning with me (and took me to the Magic Castle and is just all-around awesome) – I met him at the job I despised!

Two of my super great friends who both gave me sweet happy birthday messages also came out of that job!

And when I was hearing from all of them on the same day (my birthday), it dawned on me – some of my coolest/best LA friends came from one of my worst LA experiences.

And I just find it heartening to remember that sometimes some of the best stuff comes out of some of the worst stuff.

(If you’re in the middle of something awful right now, you may not wanna hear about how some of the best stuff might come out of it… ‘Cause it might all seem awful right now. But I find it to be a generally warm and comforting thought. I’m hoping someone else does too. The end. Have an awesome day! :-))

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