The Ferry To Sausalito (San Fran! – April 2015)

July 3, 2015

Aurora on the Ferry to Sausilito smiling wideCircling around to finishing my San Francisco trip –

On my last full day of this trip [*super sad pouty lip face*] (Friday, April 17th), I took the ferry over so I could go hiking with a friend of mine from high school!

We’d been talking about hanging out practically the whole time I was there, and we finally made it happen at the end.

Michael is super active. He puts me to shame. I was super nervous about going hiking with him (and definitely slowed him down), but I had a really fun time nonetheless (and think/hope he did too).

First, I rode the ferry over to Sausalito.

When I was walking into the ferry building, this girl (of probably high school or college age (not that that matters at all, but just to help you picture it)) was walking out with flowers. She made eye contact with me, handed me the flowers and said, “Have a wonderful day!”

What is San Francisco?!

Peeples donut display in San Francisco Ferry buildingEvery interaction I remember having, with anyone there, was full of kindness! It’s great to know how beautiful, wonderful, kind, precious, fabulous, and on and on the city and the people are. ‘Cause SF is not that far away. If I ever need a little reset (which is kind of expected, living in LA), this seems to be a lovely place to go!

So, I went in the ferry building and walked all around (since multiple people told me I had to check it out). I’m glad I went from end to end, because I found Peeples Donuts! I try not to go too crazy on vegan desserts. But I felt like getting a donut, and I did! They. were. amazing.

I’ve had some vegan donuts before, but never thought, “Oh yeah, this is just as good as the non-vegan one.” But these seemed even better than non-vegan donuts! (And of course the people working there, just like everyone I met everywhere, was so super nice.)

I rode the ferry over to Sausalito, talking to an interesting couple from Indiana most of the way. I had no idea how much work was involved in being a minister. It’s not just church services. It’s funerals, weddings, and such. It also sounds like you’re the head of your church in every way (building maintenance, etc.). Apparently you’re busy all the time.

Aurora at the SF Ferry Building holding her flowersSide note: this was around the time the “Religious Freedom” bill (signed by Governor Pence), in Indiana, was all over national news (re: what it meant for companies being able to discriminate against gay couples/having protections when refusing to give services to same-sex weddings). So, part of me was a little hesitant to talk to a pastor from Indiana.

(Of course, it’s silly to be hesitant to talk to anyone. How can you find common ground and work forward on issues in America if you only talk to the people who agree with you 100%?) Turns out, he was open-minded and not against same-sex weddings. So, high-five to him!

Not only did we enjoy nice conversation, but also nice views of the gorgeous Bay Area all the way to the other side of San Fran. And this is where I’ll pick up next time.

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