Hiking Mt. Tamalpais! (And Muir Woods!) (San Fran! – April 2015)

July 4, 2015

Michael and Aurora candid on top of Mt TamAfter the Ferry ride –

My friend Michael was waiting for me on the other side!

He drove me around a bit. (I saw the old mediation center where he used to reside. (I say reside instead of live ’cause there is some specific criteria I guess for actually living there. I dunno, but I don’t he didn’t technically live there… even though he kinda lived there… whatever that means.)

Then we went up to Mt. Tamalpais. I was so slow. After my many workout classes and lots of walking around SF, my body was a little done. So the steep incline was tough. But Michael let me be slow.

The view was pretty, and it’s always nice to catch up with your friend (especially when he’s your super interesting hiking-everywhere always-doing-something-new-and-different friend).

Aurora peeking around a rock from the top of Mt TamThere was a rest spot partway through with a 3D map of the place, which made the hike you were doing look even cooler.

Once we got to the top, we enjoyed the beauty. He was able to really just take it in. And I was the lame tourist-y person saying, “Let’s take a million pictures!” …And we did!

He showed pointed out all the different parts of the Bay Area for me. It was amazing how good he was with landmarks and knowing where we were from way on top of a mountain.

It’s lovely seeing cities from so high up. And the fog made it even cooler, like you could really tell we were in San Francisco (since fog is such an SF thing… though I guess it’s a thing of other places too).

Aurora posing at the Muir Woods signIn Michael’s perfect day (and probably usually mine too), I think we would’ve hiked all the way from Mt. Tam to Muir Woods. Unfortunately, we got a bit of a late start (’cause I wanted to say goodbye to other friends in the morning… also, I hate getting up early (sorry!)). And with my super tired body, it was nicer to do two shorter hikes anyway.

So, we drove down to Muir Woods and it was gorgeous. We just walked around, I don’t know how far. Not far, like a mile or two? We saw some gorgeous redwoods and lots of interesting tourists along the way.

After dinner, Michael drove me back to where I was staying through a very foggy Golden Gate Bridge (which looked cool, even if slightly scary).

I guess it was sort of hard to put into words in this post, since I’m not even totally sure what I said except, “Yeah, we went hiking and it was pretty.” Oh, well, how original! But it was just a really lovely day. [*content sigh*]

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