Odds & Ends From My San Francisco Trip (April 2015)

July 6, 2015

Aurora drinking a smoothie from The Plant Cafe Organic
So much smoothie drinking (expensive, delicious smoothie drinking)


I’ve already done a number of posts about my exceptional trip, and I’m sure I could probably do more. But I’m gonna try to just condense it in here.

Family Stuff: I had such a lovely time hanging with my friends’ family. I tried to be at least a little helpful since they put me up for so long. I babysat my friend’s little girl (and rode the carousel in Golden Gate Park multiple times). I even went grocery shopping (at a cool little local store that gives you a token to put in the charity bin of your choice, to help show where you want profits to go).

My friend Jaime also walked me all around the Mission, since she loves that area (and a bunch of little stores there).

Aurora loves Jaime so much
I love this girl so much!

She also took me to her new job – at a toy company! We played a lot.

We also went to Nob Hill Spa. We wanted pedicures, so we went all out at one of the places mentioned in a bunch of magazines as the go-to spa for San Francisco. It was indeed swanky. Our pedicures were amazing. There was a pool, a balcony, a meditation room, and even a workout room(!).

Scenery: I did have to do a little paperwork for this show I was working on at the time. (Thankfully, they let me work remotely.) I was so thankful for being able to work remotely as I sat on a bench overlooking the water, just enjoying the sunset. Yeah, having your face inside a computer isn’t the coolest thing [*she says as her face is in a computer*], but doing it with the water in front of you is quite possibly the best way to do it.

Aurora so excited to be eating Bun Mee
Apparently I was just always so excited about eating. 🙂 This was from a yummy cool fun place called Bun Mee

Eat Here: I became a little obsessed with The Plant Cafe Organic while I was there. Exceptional smoothies (and amazing veggie burgers).

Also, this is so indulgent, but there are delicious vegan ice cream sandwiches at C.R.E.A.M. (Cookies Rule Everything Around Me)

A Nice Little Story: I was always trying new food and smoothie places. When I went to Evolution Fresh, I got a delicious smooth carrot smoothie – even though it wasn’t even on the menu anymore! And the guy behind the counter bought it for me, ’cause we were having such a lovely, charming conversation. Just another example of the San Francisco generous-ness that really stuck with me! Being in that city makes me want to be more generous!

It was a gorgeous, wonderful trip! (And I can’t wait to go back for the half marathon in July!

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