Oh, BTW, The Vegan/Vegetarian Challenge is Done

Friday, July 10th, 2015

Hey there!

So, we’re caught up-ish, or at least caught up enough with everything else on the blog, that I’m gonna start posting vegan/vegetarian challenge thoughts every Friday again (until they’re all out of my drafts folder)…

But it’s a little weird ’cause it’s kind of going backwards now. I finished the challenge, but you’ll be hearing my old thoughts since there never seemed time to publish them.

If you want the conclusion thoughts – I’ve enjoyed having a diet that’s responsible toward the environment and pretty responsible toward my body (very responsible toward my body when I make it that way).

I forget exactly when I finished. I think it was sometime in May, and I still haven’t eaten meat again yet.

I do eat dairy sometimes, but not often. Basically, I call myself vegan-ish – definitely vegetarian and pretty darn vegan. But, for instance, there’s this place that apparently has killer grilled cheese sandwiches and they have a cool secret comedy show (inside of the secret restaurant that’s hidden in their barber shop). I’m totally going later this month for the fun experience. And I’m going to eat a grilled cheese sandwich.

I know I could still go and have a good time without eating it, but it’s supposed to be super delicious and I like grilled cheese. So yeah. I’m vegan most of the time, but I have my dairy-filled moments.

I do think want to try meat after abstaining from it for a full year (so anytime after August). I want to know how it tastes after so long without it. I guess I’ll see how I feel in September, but I kind of think… even though I never thought I’d say it… I think that I will probably be a vegetarian for the foreseeable future.

I was so wrong. You were right, vegetarian friends!

So, that’s where I am for now. I found it to be a pretty worthwhile challenge. And I’ll be talking about the struggles I faced and things I learned over the next Fridays.

2 thoughts on “Oh, BTW, The Vegan/Vegetarian Challenge is Done

  1. Carrie

    This makes me happy! I believe diet-wise it’s all about what you do 90% of the time that matters. Being diehard 100% vegan is really hard AND makes it seem unattainable to others. I call myself “vegan” because I’m vegan at home, but I’d probably eat grilled cheese at that place also. You only live once, right?

    1. Aurora De Lucia Post author

      Thanks Carrie! That’s all so good to hear!

      It can seem hard and a little unattainable to be super die-hard (which is something I talk about in one of my upcoming posts, when I talk about how I felt during the challenge). Thanks so much for commenting and for your support on this stuff! 🙂


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