That Time I (Maybe?) Gave Away A Kidney – Part 39 (Test Complete – Back To Doing Whatever I Want)

Sunday, July 12th, 2015

Picking up from last time –

Working out was surprisingly(?) tiring that day. I guess it shouldn’t have been all that surprising. When you laze around as much as possible for a week and a half, that’s more than a rest day or two to rebuild! That’s like freaking muscles ready to atrophy.

So, I had a little workout, which was nice. But then I had a semi-full weekend planned. I didn’t want to give up any of the fun stuff happening… even though I did kind of want to just go live in the gym (as painful as that now was – amazing how quickly the body adapts).

As far as my fun stuff went, I went to a show on Friday and had a sleepover with friends that night. We slept way in until it was time to go home and get ready for the Magic Castle(!) on Saturday. Finally, when Sunday rolled around, it was time to get back in the game with a half marathon!

It was not a pretty half marathon. Thankfully it was not timed, because I was slooow. I somehow made it through, but it was slow. And I stopped for food. Twice.

I was a mess. But at least I did it. I started working out a lot more, which of course made me happier. I will unfortunately say that the bad eating (already in 9 days!) became a habit that was a little tough to break. I still went back to a lot of good foods and vegetables. Yet, I had more sugar than I used to… I kept craving it. So, dealing with really re-setting on the food was more of an issue than I thought it would be.

Thank goodness that the weekend was full of fun activities because it helped distract me from waiting for days for the results to come back.

I knew if the results were good, they’d just be mailed to me. But come on! I can’t wait for the mail!

So, I called the doctor’s office on Monday.

Hmmm I sound annoying and a wee on the persistent side a little too often in this story, don’t I? 😛 …This is an Aurora thing for sure. It is the thing that gets me jobs, opportunities, friends, people to love me lol. It is also my undoing and the thing that probably loses me jobs and gets me people put off by me sometimes…

It’s the only way I know how to be. And it certainly is a way to make sure things get done (since the main person looking out for you is you!)… But uh, there’s a line on what’s persistent and helpful vs what’s annoying. And I am not always perfect at seeing that line.

But anyway, the people in the doctor’s office didn’t seem to mind (as far as I know). And this is where I’ll pick up next time.

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