The Magic Castle (May 2, 2015)

July 13, 2015

Aurora outside the Magic Castle(The Magic Castle!) Gah! This has been on a list of things I wanted to do for a long time! Though I never even knew how to go about doing it.

I figured one of these days someone I knew would know somebody, or somehow I’d get in to the special invite-only fabulous castle.

And sure enough, I get a call out of the blue from this incredible guy, an editor I worked with about a year ago!  Of course I was happy to hear from a super fun adventurous person I’d sadly started to lost touch with (it seemed).

He said he has a membership to The Magic Castle(!), and he remembered I’d said I’d always wanted to go. So he wondered if I’d like to go with him.

Would I?!

We weren’t allowed to take any pictures inside. So I can’t really show you anything. But I can tell you about it!

When you first go in, you enter by looking an owl in the eye and saying the secret magic words to make a bookcase move to the side. (What? Amazing, right?)

Alex and Aurora at the Magic CastleIn one of the rooms, there’s a ghost piano player. (It looks like a self-playing piano, but it says there’s a ghost playing it.) If you lean in like you’re talking to her and request a song, she will switch and start playing that song! It’s insanely cool.

There’s a schedule of shows, and we went to a couple. The magicians seem to like bringing up people who are at the castle for the first time. (I got to be a part of a trick in two different shows!)

In between shows you could go to a number of different bars. They all seemed to be themed after one thing or another. That was one of the most awesome things about the castle – everything was ridiculously well-themed. I love when places pay attention to all the little details – in the molding, in the carpet, everywhere.

Alex and I shared some delicious fries (bad for you, but tasty… and I did The Grove Half Marathon the next day… (as if that’s an awesome defense, but uh, whatever. The fries were delicious and I enjoyed them! :-)).

Later we got to see the main show in the big room which had a ton of funny moments, not just magic ones.

It was a night chock fill of gasps and smiles. I loved it there! I’m so glad I finally got to go, and would happily go again anytime!

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