The Grove Half Marathon – Part 2 (…Sigh)

July 15, 2015

Lass Bass with a group at the start of The Grove Half Marathon 2015
(He’s so close, and yet so far!)

Picking up from last time –

I didn’t see him until it was basically time to start the race. It was as though he just appeared on a little stage by the start line. (It was barely raised above us. So I tooootally could’ve gone over and asked for a hug or something.)

But I’m an idiot.

Security was around him. No one seemed to be trying to talk to him (which really surprised me, but I was like “um, is that the fool respectful thing to do right now – leave him alone? He’s here at a public function. Isn’t this the kind of place I could ask him for a picture? Why is no one fan girling? :-p)

My best guess was since the race was starting soon, no one wanted to bother him in crunch time (and neither did I).

I almost just hung back and waited for all the runners to start. Then I would try to meet Lance and start late.

But I didn’t see anyone else who looked like they were doing that.

And I didn’t want Lance to be like “what are you doing? Get out there!”

Of course, he seems like a nice enough guy. So I don’t know why in the world I was worried about that.

Also, this fell on the weekend I was allowed to work out again after 9 days of basically no activity (for this kidney test I was taking).

I knew I was gonna be slow and struggle. Usually I’d be all “I can start late and run to catch up.” And today I was thinking, “I need to start with everyone and work my butt of just to keep up.”

So I ran right by him – right by him(!) as I started. I was so close to him, I could hear him saying thanks to the person next to him… But I didn’t stop to ask for a picture!!!


And this is where I’ll pick up next time.

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