The Grove Half Marathon – Part 3 (The Race Itself)

July 16, 2015

Aurora under the We Run the Grove sign at The Grove Half Marathon 2015Picking up from last time –

As far as the race itself, it was quite an interesting little run. Part of the reason it was so cheap was because they didn’t close down roads. (I think the initial intersection was shut down just for the start of the race.)

There weren’t a lot of arrows or directional signs. There were small mile markers… But you had to know where you were going to get to them.

Thankfully, there were maps at the table and I actually took one! (Usually I just let the race signs carry me, but even at the beginning of the day we all knew that seemingly nobody knew what was up. So I took a nap to be safe.)

I used a bit of creative license with this race. I went back to the grove after the first 10k (’cause there was a 10k and a half option). I wanted to make sure I got back before Lance Bass left.

(And I knew I was gonna be slow and that non of it would matter that much if I had to double back on parts or go back out since we weren’t timed and no streets were re-opening or closing. We basically were on our own little personal runs that other people happened to be sort of around for.)

So anyway, I stopped in after the first 10k. I went back to the area where we’d picked up our packets in the middle of The Grove. I looked around for a finish line celebration, but there was none to be found.

I asked “where’s the finish line for the race?” Nobody seemed to totally know, and eventually I found it was just a stack of balloons at the entrance to The Grove.

No fanfare. No Lance Bass. Nobody. (Well, okay, there were some nice runners who took a picture of me.)

Aurora at the Grove finish lineEven though I wasn’t on a totally real course, and I wasn’t being timed, and there was no medal I needed to justify, I still went out and did the remainder of the half because I said I was gonna do a half that day, so I did.

I took a detour on Larchmont Street, ’cause I knew I had nothing to get back for, and it seemed like a happening place. I had no idea there was this cute little street in Hollywood with all these little eateries (and what seemed like 40 million cupcake shops).

I totally got some food. After two weeks of no working out, and with the sun beating down on me, this half was tough! I ate way too much. I went super slow. But at least I did indeed finish 13.1 miles… even though I didn’t meet Lance Bass (which was the whole point!).

So, I shake my head in super shame. The next time I see Lance Bass around (especially if it’s a public event), I’m not gonna worry so much and I’m just gonna try to get a picture!

Next year – I’m all about spectating this one!

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