Pasadena Chalk Festival (June 21, 2015)

Tuesday, July 21st, 2015
Aurora with the volunteer check-in sign at the Pasadena Chalk Festival

(A Michael Jackson mural from a previous year was on the volunteer check in sign. What?!)

Did you know there’s a Pasadena Chalk Festival? ‘Cause before I saw it on, I didn’t.

I haven’t said it in a while, but really, what a great website to find out about interesting events around the city.

During my year of volunteering, I got on the email list of potential chalk festival volunteer – though I ended up not being able to do it that year.

When I got the email this year, I figured, “I didn’t get to do it before, might as well do it now.”

A friend of mine even signed up with me, and off we went that Sunday morning.

We were luckily assigned what I thought was the best job – going around with the photographer, carrying a ladder, so he could take pictures of the different sidewalk chalk art (paintings? Compositions? What’s the correct word here for things drawn on the sidewalk with chalk?).

Bert and Ernie getting engaged mural at the Pasadena Chalk Festival

He said yes! 🙂

James (my (super tall) friend) carried the ladder seemingly pretty easily for most of the day. I felt kinda bad letting him to the heavy lifting, but he was always like, “oh I got it.”

Well, I mean, if you want to carry the heavy ladder in the hot, hot sun all day, I won’t stop you! 🙂

I did always carry it up and down stairs though, ’cause I wanted to feel super strong and a little helpful. 😉

My main job was to ask people nicely if they wouldn’t mind moving whenever we needed to take a picture of something.

Our little picture team often complimented me, saying that was the perfect job for me. Yay! I love being nice to people and getting stuff done, so it was indeed a job I enjoyed.

Caitlyn Jenner mural on groundAs the day went on, in the hot, hot outdoors (and as we saw people moseying around with their Coldstone and other delicious treats), I did start to get a wee bit cranky/hungry. But James and the photographer were really keeping it together – making it easy for me to pretty much keep it together too.

It was super fun walking around and seeing everyone’s creativity! I also loved meeting the various artists – though we didn’t usually get to talk for long.

One of them was saying anyone could do it. He started one year with no experience, apparently… I mean, I’m thinking it’d be pretty tough. But I bet it’d be fun to try!

At the end of the day, James and I went up to the top of this outdoor mall place and got some food while we watched the awards ceremony below.

Yet another cool, random adventure complete! 🙂

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