Harmontown Podcast Live (June 28, 2015)

July 22, 2015

People laughing onstage at HarmontownTwitter again!

Introducing me to a great, fun night! I just was sitting at home with no plans, and happened to find out about this night through twitter… Yay for my main source of information!

I’d never even listened to a Harmontown episode, but I knew I liked Dan Harmon. And I know I love going to stuff. So, why not?

It just so happened to become their best episode (according to Dan Harmon himself).

Emily Gordon was the guest. They talked a bunch about Twitter and social media in general and how to talk to people. Dan talked about reasons he’d engage “trolls” online (mainly it boiled down to insecurity).

They also talked about ways to go about trying to show people the way they’re acting.

For instance, if someone says something that’s offensive or mean (whether it be to a specific person, or about a group of people), if you come out with “how dare you?!” or some kind or rude (even if witty) quip, they’re not gonna be receptive to hearing what you have to say.

They’re not gonna wanna be introspective, and say “wow I really am being a jerk.”

No, they’re gonna jump on the defensive and tell you why you’re a jerk, or why you’re wrong, or why they’re actually a good person (and on and on and on).

But they had this great analogy of treating relationships (even with strangers) like video game levels. Video games try to push you. And you fail a lot along the way (as people often to with communication and such). But instead of a video game saying, “You suck! Why are you even playing this?” it celebrates for passing a level and then it gives you new challenges. It makes you want to keep playing. It lifts you up while making you better at what you’re doing.

(I may have lost some of the awesomeness of the way they explained it, but you can always listen for yourself, if you want. (It’s episode 153.)

There were other gems in there too. And the show really just made me want to be a more loving patient person. Yay for randomly doing stuff and leaving walking tall and inspired! (I might even listen again, and I was there for it!)

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