Cinespia (July 3, 2015)

Thursday, July 23rd, 2015
Aurora with red light and smog

Posing with the red light and some background smoke

One might think that sitting on a cemetery lawn watching a movie might be a little weird or creepy, but it was super fun!

A friend of mine had an extra ticket to Cinespia for July 3rd – to see Goonies with a fireworks show afterward.

I didn’t even know what Goonies was about, but I’m always up for trying new stuff!

My advice if you’re going to Cinespia is to get there early! The line is long, and seats everywhere fill up quickly!

Also, consider perhaps bringing a lawn chair. Lots of other people do. So if you’re in the back on a blanket, I can be a wee bit tough to see. (But I think the rule is chairs can only be six inches off the ground…. So if you don’t have one it’s not the biggest deal. And if you do have one, make sure it’s not tall.)

Aurora modeling by a rock at cinespia

(More modeling at the cemetery for the fun of it – and yes, that’s a totally weird caption :-P)

(I’m sure you can always maneuver a bit (as I did) or maybe in some areas you could even stand out of the way… But the point is, lots of people bring chairs… And food… And even board games to pass the time while you wait. So all that’s stuff you might consider packing.)

As I walked in, winding around the cemetery toward where the movie was playing, it was interesting to see all these graves. I don’t know decided to show movies in a cemetery, but I like it! As I walked past the gravestones, I thought about how if I were dead, I’d still want people to be partying with me!

Once you got to the movie area, I learned this isn’t just a movie, this is basically a party. There was a big photo area. Music was playing. Even a smoke machine was blowing around one area. I saw more people excited about that than the photo setup… I was ready to break out the Thriller dance at any moment! 🙂

Once the movie started, it was fun to be in a crowd that was so into it. People cheered at certain parts. (Most people seemed to have seen the movie.)

One part that was really awesome was when one character did something pretty heroic/exciting-seeming, and one of the fireworks went off early at the exact right moment! (Or some person planned it that way. But being an accident seemed cooler (and possible) to me.)

It also was fun to see the moon rise above the screen as the night went on. Every once in a while you could open your field of vision and just kind of take it all in, like “look at all these people in this huge outdoor area, with palm trees and the moon and such, and we’re all just watching a movie together!

So, it was cool. I’d recommend to try it. If you are gonna try one, there’s a sleepover every year. (This year, they’re watching Scream at midnight.) and I bet that’s pretty fun!

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