Santa Monica Aquarium (July 11, 2015)

Wednesday, August 5th, 2015
Aurora at the selfie station at Santa Monica Pier

(Hanging at the selfie station)

You’ve probably had enough talk of comedy for at least a few days… So, let’s talk about some Los Angeles stuff!

I have a book of 1,001 things to do in Los Angeles. And last month, I tackled the Pier.

Did you know there’s a tiny aquarium underneath the pier that only costs $5 to get into? A lot of people seem to not know that. (I didn’t.) But now we all do!

It is cute (and tiny). The most interesting part are the touch tanks… You can touch starfish, sea cucumbers, and other sea creatures. You can also learn from the cool volunteers there.

Some of the facts I thought were interesting is that a jellyfish can push it’s stomach to the outside to eat! Also, sea cucumbers look tough on the outside, but when you touch them, they’re actually super soft!

Also, they protect themselves by throwing up! Can you imagine that being the way you protect yourself? When a predator comes along, they throw up all this sand and grossness (and apparently even some of their insides?) to make the water all gross and murky around them, and then predators retreat. Cool, huh?

There are also adorable illustrations in the aquarium teaching us how we can be heroes and save the planet.

I also got to see gorgeous seahorses! (They look quite regal.) And apparently you can watch little sharks be fed if you go earlier in the day.

The aquarium is a cute little place where you can pick up some knowledge from some kind people. So if you’re already going to the pier, I’d totally recommend stopping by!

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