San Diego and a Preview of Up Here (August 2, 2015)

Tuesday, August 11th, 2015
Aurora with Spreckels Organ at Balboa Park

(Spreckels Organ in Balboa Park)

Is your brain melting from hearing so much about improv? Yeah. Mine too. So, let’s talk about a brand new musical in San Diego!

Robert Lopez is my favorite musical theater composer. So when I heard he was writing a new musical with his wife – and it’d be premiering in California?! Well, I had to go, right?

New York gets seemingly everything. But not this! (Well, not yet at least.)

I got to see the show in previews, which was extra cool because I got to see a version no one’s gonna get to see in the future. (I heard they were changing 25 pages in the upcoming Tuesday show.)

I started the day going to rooftop aerial yoga with a friend of mine from high school (whom I stayed with the night before, so I could feel like I was spending at least a little time in San Diego).

Aurora doing rooftop yoga at trilogy sanctuary

(some rooftop aerial yoga at Trilogy Sanctuary)

I was a bit scared of the idea of rooftop aerial yoga (because I thought we might be in the sun for an hour and a half). But thankfully it was a nice shady day!

They had some great vegan food there too (at Trilogy Sanctuary).

Then I went on my way to explore Balboa Park. Did you know it’s the largest urban park in the U.S.? I know you might be thinking Central Park, but google it!

There’s a huge organ there, and there was a free concert in the afternoon! How lovely it was to sit and blog and listen to a free concert on a Sunday.

Not too far from the organ were the International Cottages. It’s basically exactly what it sounds like it is. There are cottages representing lots of different countries. And on Sundays, the cottages are open and staffed with volunteers to teach you about different cultures and customs. (And they have food from around the world).

Aurora doing rooftop yoga at trilogy sanctuary

(hanging by Sweden’s cottage)

People kept asking what my heritage was, and then every time they’d tell me Italy’s cottage was closed. Wah wah.

I really need to start traveling more. I am so one of those ignorant Americans people make fun of. (I mean, I like to believe I’m not super duper crazy ignorant. But I’ve never been outside of North America and I don’t speak any foreign languages. [*hangs head in shame*]

After traversing the park, I went to La Jolla Playhouse. I got there totally early. (I definitely didn’t want to be late.)

As I walked to the bathroom, I saw Robert and Kristen Anderson-Lopez eating at the restaurant. I wanted to meet them, but didn’t want to interrupt their dinner… (Don’t worry, I met them after the show! :-))

Aurora at rooftop aerial yoga 2

(one more pic from yoga)

The show itself was so cool. We see a man’s brain talking to him basically. I maybe don’t know exactly how to describe it. But it was basically kind of a new take on a love story. And the lead actor was so lovable.

The show was so theatrical! That’s one thing I really love about Lopez musicals. They’re in theaters because they’re supposed to be. It’s a really theatrical experience. I’m sure you could make movies out of them, but you really feel that you’re in the theater (if that makes sense).

There were a bunch of laugh out loud moments in the show. And I really can’t wait to see what the changes entail. Whatever they are, the show is starting from a place of greatness. So, I can’t wait to see where it goes.

After the show, I saw the Lopezes. Robert was off talking to someone else. So, I went up to Kristen and told her I was pretty sure she was Kristen Anderson-Lopez (which she was). And she was incredibly nice to me. One of the first things out of her mouth was a question about me and what I wanted to do in life.

What a kind person!

Anyway, great show. Great people. Great weekend.

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