Volunteering at the 7-Day Improv Show

Thursday, August 13th, 2015

I mentioned in my last post how awesome it was that a 7-day non-stop improv show was happening at iO West.

I knew I had to be a part of it and that I love being up in the middle of the night. So I was pretty stoked when the guys producing the show said I could be a night watchman.

Basically, as a watchman, you just let people into the theater in the middle of the night (since it wasn’t open to the public at large at those hours). And you made sure someone was always onstage. If for some reason a group didn’t show, it was your job to go up there and start improvising on your own.

(I heard that actually did happen one time during the 7-Day show (I’m not sure what time of day), and that Keith got up there and did an hour by himself. But I’m not sure that that’s what happened… So, if anybody knows, let me know!)

You also made sure the video camera was always going.

The 2 guys running this really had everything down. The show was streaming and was being recorded twice (so there’d be a backup).

They also had two night watchmen on every shift! They seemed always doubly prepared for everything. So, basically in my shift I pretty much had to do nothing. The other guy had everything very well under control.

The theater this took place in is a small laid back theater with couches lining the wall. So, I sprawled out on one of the couches and watched. And toward the end of every hour, I’d whisper to the next group that they could tag in whenever they wanted.

I don’t want to sound pre-judge-y or anything. But I sort of made the assumption that the middle of the night might not be where the best improv groups are booked. However, I was blown away with the energy and hilarity these groups brought in the middle of the night! I couldn’t get over how fun it was. I kind of wanted to do it every night. (And if I wasn’t in class all day and work all night, I very well may have.)

There’s something so special about doing something overnight, huh? I know it’s so silly because realistically once you’ve been up for too many hours your work suffers. But there’s something that feels powerful, or cool, or important about pulling an all-nighter. And I felt pretty darn cool watching the sun come up through the window in the theater (and then going straight into the next day of 3 workout classes followed by my all-day intensive improv class).

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