Level 5 at iO West (Intensive) (The Healing…? Maybe? Through a Little More Torture)

August 18, 2015

people telling Crosby he has a crazy idea in iO grad show
(from our grad show)

Well, in case you missed it, week 4 was pretty much torture. I think part of it was that we were all fried. I don’t even know.

By that Thursday, I had only had who knows how few hours of sleep between all-nighters for the 7-Day show and a random thing at work and blah blah blah.

On the last day of week 4, only about half the class was present. It was rough. Life was rough. But here we are in week 5.

In every improv class I’ve ever taken, I sit in the front row, 3rd seat in from the middle – that’s my jam. I like to lean forward and be present and care and all that jazz. Well, in week 4, I ended up in the very back of the class, against the wall. I just needed some space to have my mental breakdown.

I thought in week 5 I’d get it together, but alas, I still spent some time in the back chair.

I dunno. I’m not even sure of the ups and downs really or what happened. I just kind of melted and had a hard time. I felt so un-confident after week 4 and then that started bleeding in, I think. I started to get nervous that maybe I was a really weak improviser that people didn’t really want to play with.

It sounds kind of suspicious or weird or something now, but I just felt… blegh.

We did have a super enthusiastic, excited, incredibly talented, really fun, awesome, build-you-up teacher. That was great.

But yeah, I kind of unraveled, I suppose. Well, I unraveled, raveled back together and on and on all week. I don’t even know what I’m saying. (This is what the 5-week intensive does to a person – or at least what it does to me.)

The point is, I survived to my grad show! Which we’ll talk about next!

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