(#12) iO West Summer Intensive Grad Show (August 13, 2015)

Wednesday, August 19th, 2015
Aurora in a hot dog eating contest at iO west grad show

(Imaginary hot dog eating contest from our show)

We. did. it.

We survived a Harold performance on the iO West Mainstage somehow.

Let’s start with obviously the most important thing – my appearance. 😉

As I mentioned before, I’d been super tired and staying awake all the time and unraveling and blah blah. And along with that came eating all this sugar and crap through class to stay awake (and possibly to deal with stress). And that was dumb. Really dumb.

Since it was only for about 2 weeks, it didn’t get too terribly dire. But goodness I felt bloated and gross as I got dressed that morning!

I could still fit into my dress and all, but especially when you add the pants in which adds more bulkiness to my already bloated thing.. I just don’t look super great. So, that was meh. But the show must go on (even when you’re having a fat week).

Now to the actual important stuff – our class got split in half. Someone in class suggested that, so I took the idea to the guy who runs the school. (I may not be able to improv, but I can make stuff happen! Ba-bam! ;).)

Group doing machine game in the iO west grad show 2This way everybody got a bunch of stage time, which was cool.

I was the only girl in my group (there were only 3 in the class).

After the show, I was proud of all of us for working together to make things work. After the show, we were all complimenting each other. A teammate complimented me for going out when he couldn’t think of anything.

I complimented him right back for helping turn this crazy thing that came out of my mouth (a hula-hoop contest to save home ec – what?!) into something funny.

Also, there was a point in the 3rd beat where I was standing offstage with one of my teammates. We were looking at each other and he whispered “just go.”

people exhausted and listening in intensive grad show at iO westWe went having nothing. And then we ended up being hikers. But I just love the trust I felt in him when he said “just go” knowing he’d go with me and we’d figure out something!

After watching the performance, I see that in real life it was taking place at a much slower speed than it seemed like it was. I can reeeeally see the difference between our class and the more pro show we watched that night. (No wonder the Groundlings has you do so many levels before you see the light of a stage.)

So, there is a lot of room to grow. But we did survive. Awesomely, I got to go into work super late that night. (We were in a slow time on our show. Yee haw.) So, I got to stick around with my class as everyone hung out in the bar talking and being buds. Then we saw our teacher’s show that night. It was a really fun night (even if it sort of hurts to watch the video of the show back ;))!

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