Being More Mindful Of What I’m Eating (My Biggest Lesson From My Vegetarian/Vegan Challenge)

August 21, 2015

Time for one of those every other Saturday vegetarian/vegan challenge posts!

Obviously I’ve had a bunch of stuff to say, sort of back and forth with different ideas all these Fridays that I’ve been talking about my vegetarian/vegan challenge.

But I will say that the absolute best part about it, which I’ve found so helpful, is that I am waaaay more mindful about what I eat now.

I’m certainly still not perfect. But I’m pretty darn healthy if I do say so myself. I’ve added so many fruits and vegetables into my diet – not to mention nuts and fungi. (That’s what mushrooms are, right?)

I never used to eat tomatoes! And now I ask to have them added to things.

I often used to pile dairy products on stuff. (Sure, give me cheese and sour cream, Chipotle!) Now (obviously) I don’t.

I was made aware how much dairy (and butter!) is used in American food. And I work harder to stay away from it now.

I’ve learned what quinoa is. I like asparagus now. I guess palettes change.

It’s so exciting and empowering, actually, to know that we are in so much control of our lives and what we eat. Life is beautiful.

Even though I’ve questioned a vegetarian and/or vegan diet (and I still don’t know for sure that it’s the best way to stay healthy – though I do think it’s a viable option for good health) – overall, I’ve felt that I’ve treated both the earth (and other creatures) and myself responsibly over this challenge.

I can’t profess this diet is the change absolutely needed for everyone (or even for me). But shockingly, I’ve grown to like it… And I plan on continuing it longer than originally thought.

(And if I grow to learn or feel anything new, you can bet I will update it here on this blog!)

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