I’ve Also Never Been To The Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame

Saturday, August 22nd, 2015
Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame toward the end of the day

(Photo credit: RockHall.com)

Piggy-backing off the idea of a post from a couple of days ago (though it probably stands alone without any piggy-backing necessary), I’ve also never been to the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame!

I lived in Ohio for years. (I went to high school there.) Once I got a car (and barely ever even had to go to class!), I thought all the time about just driving up. And I never did because I thought, “I can go anytime.”

Well, why isn’t anytime now?

It’s not that driving was too hard. I drove up to Michigan once just to get a prop.

I also took the Amtrak out of Cleveland once (for New York). Why didn’t I just go up early in the day and explore? You can see the Hall of Fame from the train station! I totally could’ve walked over.

Wide shot of the Statue of Liberty

Never been here either… (Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons user Elcobbola)

I’ve also never been to the Statue of Liberty – even though I lived on and off in New York for probably a full year. “It’s always there. I can go anytime.”

Basically, I try to be a lot more cognizant of that now. I still falter. Heck, I’ve still never hiked to Griffith Park Observatory (even though that’s free and I could take the subway to an entrance of the park – how have I not done that yet?).

Some people never visit Ohio or New York or wherever in their lives, so it seems almost selfish or rude kind of, in a weird way, to not take advantage of what’s around me when I live there!

Is there anything close to you you’ve always wanted to see or do?

I guess these ideas would sort of maybe be the things people think of for their “bucket lists” but I kind of hate that term because it doesn’t sound immediate to me. I mean, I guess in the movie the guys were pretty immediate about it… But, bucket list to me sounds like, “I got time. Just sometime before I die.” No. How about the next freaking time I set foot in Ohio I get my butt to the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame? How about I hike to the Observatory before the end of September. I wanna put a little fire under my butt!

p.s. I do know that we have real responsibilities in life. And it is important to make the time to workout, and read, and do whatever it is you specifically need/want to do. So, we can’t just adventure all of the time. I know that.

But I guarantee you that for me there have been days when I didn’t have some amazingly productive thing going on where I could’ve easily done any of these fun things. So, there’s a balance to be had, and I want to be more aware… and have more jumping into the moments… moments.

(As they said on The Mindy Project (which they said came from Michelle Kwan’s book), life is made in leaps not steps!)

2 thoughts on “I’ve Also Never Been To The Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame

  1. Carrie

    We lived super close to the Grand Canyon for a year and never hiked to the bottom of it…I’m mad we didn’t do it because it will never be any easier!


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