“1,001 Things To Do In Los Angeles” – Part 1 (Some Things I’ve Done)

Sunday, August 23rd, 2015
Joel McHale and Aurora De Lucia smiling in a selfie at the Creative Arts Emmys

(From the Creative Arts Emmys)

I am slightly obsessed with book.

Back around I think March or April-ish, I was being considered for a job in [*dreamy eyes*] New York City.

It was a job for a show that would’ve been amazing to work on. (Heck, I’ll just tell you. It was for The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore. And I obviously did not get it, as I am writing you from my living room in Los Angeles (though I still enjoy the show, of course).)

In the weekend between my interview and the day I was to find out, I thought a lot about my (at the time) 3 1/2 years in Los Angeles – what I’d done, what I hadn’t done. I realized I’d done a surprising amount of things (to me at least).

Went to the Creative Arts Emmys, went on two game shows (The Price is Right and Let’s Make a Deal). I ran the LA Marathon.

Aurora outside the Magic CastleI ran a blind mud run, and did a bunch of cool/interesting/new things here during my 52 Volunteer Events.

I also worked on some TV shows, including my first producing job – on Living with the Jacksons where we hung out in the Batmobile (even meeting the man who made it) and did all kinds of interesting stuff in new places (horse farms, accent classes, recording studios, etc.).

I took improv classes at The Groundlings. I went to Disneyland (multiple times – even running some races there).

I felt pretty good about the amount of stuff I’d done, but that almost-job in New York was the jolt for me that said, “Okay, I’m probably not gonna be here forever. And even though sometimes it feels as though the east coast is a trillion miles away, legitimately I technically could need to move there at any moment. So whatever it is I do wanna do in L.A., I need to do it!”

So, I got this book to help me. I have oh so much to say about the book, which I’ll get to tomorrow.

Aurora De Lucia with 2020 mars heat shield behind her

(at JPL)

For now, I’ll say since April (when I didn’t get the job and move), I’ve been to The Magic Castle, JPL, and a Simpsons table read(!).

Those were things that just kind of happened with cool invites.

I’ve also been actively doing more in the city like hiking to the Hollywood sign, going to free museum day (and another different free museum day called Museum of the Arroyo Day).

I went to Cinespia and a taping of the Harmontown podcast. So, I’m exploring LA!

Heck, I’m exploring SF too! I’ve taken a couple of trips up there and did the Presidio and Lombard St., Coit Tower, Hiking to the Golden Gate Bridge, and a sweet half marathon.

I went to San Diego as well and saw Balboa Park and La Jolla Playhouse.

So, I’m exploring CA! (After all, I’m going to New York for Labor Day weekend, and how knows if I’ll come back? ;))

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