Basic at the Groundlings (Again?!) – Part 3 The Downfall (Already?!) Continues

Sunday, August 30th, 2015

Picking up from last time –

So, we get home improvement store.

I already start too in my head because I’m already yelling at myself about the fact that I traversed a home improvement store top to bottom when I was on Living with the Jacksons. I was trying to picture it and just couldn’t. I could picture all the people, but not the store. And I needed to not worry about that and just play.

Anyway, we start playing. It’s going okay. We’re listing some tools and some things that go with them. We also spend some time at the cash register (listing gum, a scanner, an intercom, etc.) We list the cart, a squeaky wheel on the cart, and some people. We even list the atrium-type place outside with the plants. We mention some plant stuff. Then we get to the break room.

I say a guy’s smoking. My opponent says the cigarette. I say the case of cigarettes in his pocket. Then my opponent says something like “cigarette holder.”…I don’t remember exactly what he said. I only remember that I wasn’t totally sure of what it was.  And that tripped me up… I kind of thought he meant ashtray, but I wasn’t sure. And obviously I couldn’t ask in the middle of the game.

I could’ve gone anywhere in the freaking store. I could’ve said anything! We didn’t mention every type of plant.

How about I go back out there?
Dirt. Worms in the plants. Hibiscus.

We didn’t mention everything that could be at a checkout line. We said candy, but not a bunch of other stuff.
Coke. Diet Coke. Mountain Dew. Small refrigerator that holds those things. Code to win prizes on the Mountain Dew cap.

I could’ve gone back to the tools! We said wrench and hammer and screw. But what about nails?! Also what about different kinds of screws? 1/4 inch, 1/2 inch, etc. What about staple gun and stapler? What about toolbox? What about different screwheads?

But what did I say? I started to say cigarette something. I didn’t know what the next word out of my mouth would be. But I knew we were on that whole cigarette run.

And then my brain froze. I was still trying to figure out what the holder was so I could go off of it, and I just stopped thinking. And I was buzzed out.

I could’ve said cigarette put out in the ash tray. I probably could’ve even said cigarette filter. I could’ve said cigarette ad in a magazine on the table.

Even if I started with the word cigarette, there were things to say! But did I say them? No.

I was so disappointed in myself it’s sickening. I had one goal – ONE GOAL. Just don’t freeze. Lose if you say something stupid, sure. But Just. Don’t Freeze. Aurora! For the love of all that’s holy, just don’t freeze!

And I froze after the word cigarette. GUH!

And I’ll continue with one more post about this terribleness tomorrow.

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