September 3, 2015

(Aurora looking out the window at Downtown at the Bonaventure)
(trying to look cool looking out over the city… Not totally sure why there are white specs all over the photo :-P)

After narrowly escaping the Detective room (in one of the most fun things I’ve found to do in Los Angeles), I was so amped up I felt like doing something else.

I stopped at home and checked my books of things to do in Los Angeles. I saw that there’s supposed to be some cool rotating bar, overlooking downtown, called Bonaventure. So, I headed that way.

I walked in to the Westin – which is super swanky and really beautiful.

When I lived in Boston, I lived close to a couple of nice hotels. Sometimes I’d go sit in the lobbies to work on my computer. Visiting this place made me want to do that here. That Westin is nice!

There was a sign that said the Bonaventure closed at 10 and that the elevator to get to the 35th floor wouldn’t even work after 10pm.

Aurora selfie while sitting at a table at Bonaventure
(trying to give a little face with downtown behind me)

It was after 11 when I went there, but just in case multiple signs were wrong, I pressed the up button anyway. Turns out, the signs were wrong.

The elevator did work. And the place was still open ’til midnight. (I guess these were the secret hours!)

Taking the elevator up is super cool because you pop out of the hotel, going along the outside.

As you’re going up, you see the shimmering pool beneath you getting farther away. And you see all the lights of downtown all around you. I love the exterior elevators!

Aurora in the elevator on the way down from BonaventureThere weren’t a ton of people in Bonaventure. I met a group of cousins at a table.

I asked if we were moving after all, ’cause it didn’t super feel like we were moving. (And supposedly, according to signs, the place was supposed to be shut down at 10 anyway; so who knows? Maybe they turned off whatever makes it rotate.)

One of the guys said he didn’t think we were moving. Another one said they were absolutely moving, as his view had changed throughout the night. And one wasn’t sure.

As we talked, we picked a point to watch to see if we were indeed moving, and we absolutely were.

This is a cool little bar/restaurant. And I’d definitely recommend hanging out there if you want a chill semi-swanky place to eat or drink and enjoy the downtown view.

We talked a little until the lights came up at midnight. They went off to Pink’s. And on my way home, I stopped off at The Standard… which I’ll talk about tomorrow.

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