(#8) Comedy Store Sketch About Me? Done By The Walsh Brothers (August 5, 2015)

September 11, 2015

The_Comedy_Store by Mike Dillon on wiki commons
(I was lame and didn’t take any pictures. So here’s one from Wikimedia Commons user Mike Dillon)

One night about 2-ish months ago, I got out of work early and was in the mood to do something.

Getting out early still meant it was kinda late. So, I headed off to the Comedy Store.

I’d learned (through an impromptu trip encouraged by twitter – always thanks to twitter) that The Comedy Store seems to be a pretty cool/fun place to hang out.

There’s a bar outside. So you can literally just walk on by, and if it looks fun, boom, you’re hanging out.

I stopped off at the Comedy Store and it was pretty dead outside. Then I walked down Hollywood Boulevard just to see what was up. As I passed Saddle Ranch, there was a group of guys sitting on the patio outside who seemed to be pretty friendly.

I randomly started talking to them and we had a grand ol’ time! They told me they did a show once a month at the Comedy Store, and if I went next month they’d write a sketch about me! (What?)

I had to go, ’cause I had to see if it materialized (and what it was). Well, it was super cute! I thought they were gonna make fun of me for being a crazy person making friends on the street. But instead, they made a fun little running thing about this guy being in love with Aurora the city. It was adorable and I loved it!

I’m not quite sure what I’m saying with this post… Talk to strangers? Or at least watch a Walsh Brothers show. They’re funny! (They even have a show on Comedy Central.)

Edited to add: I wasn’t going to count this as a performance, as I didn’t really “perform.” But somehow because I had a set time and place (and wardrobe!), and because I played along… and mainly because I need as many things to count as possible because a lot is going on, I’m counting it!

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