Do You Get Physically Exhausted Watching Scandal?

September 15, 2015

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I do!

And I love it.

Easily my favorite/best vine I’ve made is the one about watching any Shonda Rhimes show (because they really do all feel like that!).

We’ve been watching a ton of TV at work lately (because we have a lot of mindless work that can easily be done with TV on in the background). So, everybody’s getting lots of TV hours in. I missed the entire last season of Scandal. (I know. Sacrelig. I’m sorry. I’m caught up now!)

I care so much about the characters in Scandal that sometimes when something gut-wrenching, or heart-racing, or anything gasp-worthy (so basically all the time), I am physically exhausted by the end of the episode! (I’m sure that also partially has to do with watching a full season in a week.)

I have given that world and those characters my energy. I felt this way about Homeland too (even though that’s not Shonda Rhimes related). There were times when something exceedingly unfair would happen to Carrie and my stomach would hurt because of how upset I was for her.

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And I know these people are fictional. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Didn’t stop me from bawling all throughout Christina’s final episode of Grey’s.

Side note: If you haven’t read the Entertainment Weekly story on Shondaland, I recommend it! And I totally agree with all the things the women say about [*spoiler alert, I guess if you’re behind on Grey’s and never read social media or magazines*] McDreamy’s death.

And I practically cheered when I heard her talking about whether being a mom is a job. Get it, Shonda.

How amazing would it be to write something so spectacular that people get exhausted watching it ’cause they care that much… to write something so immersive that for a split second when you walk out of work and see a car just sitting in the parking lot with the headlights on, you wonder if maybe the Vice President, or B613, or who knows what is watching you?

Shonda Rhimes has set a bar.

What I wouldn’t give to work for Shonda (to see how she does what she does up close)… (Until of course the day when I’d hopefully surpass even her empire. ;))

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