Auditioning for the BMI Musical Theatre Workshop! – Part 4 (I Get The Audition Instructions)

September 23, 2015

Picking up from yesterday –

The following week I found out I was indeed granted a Tuesday audition – at 12:50.

I’m not sure if that’s good or bad. I don’t know if going early in the week means you’ll be forgotten about. (That’d be my own fault for requesting Tuesday.) I don’t know if going 3 hours after the auditions start mean that people will be hungry or cranky. I don’t know that time and date have that big of a bearing on anything anyway.

Still… humans are humans. And what you see before and after something, and what’s going on in your life, can have an effect on how you feel.

But I’ll just let that go for now, ‘cause I don’t control that part. (I mean, I did control the part asking for Tuesday… It’ll be fine…)

Flights were pretty expensive for pretty short notice on a holiday weekend. Thankfully, a friend from high school gave me a buddy pass on Southwest. (Woot!)

Then came preparing for the audition. The original email says the audition specifics will be spelled out in an upcoming email. So, I waited with bated breath (starting to practice the songs I figured I’d probably do).

Well, there was no need to practice playing my songs. I applied as a lyricist this year. For lyricists, they specifically ask in the email that you not play your songs. In fact, they ask that you not even sing your songs (even without piano accompaniment). They want you to just recite the lyrics.

I suppose that makes sense. If they’re going to pair you with a composer, I guess they want to know that you’re okay to come in, without putting the ideas in your head on her.

Then, they make it super clear (using bold and italics) that you do not have to perform the songs from your audition packet. They ask you to bring 8 copies of your lyrics for the members of the panel, and they say that most of the people on the panel will not have even seen your packet – perform whatever you think is your strongest work.

Ummmmm okay. What is my strongest work?! I don’t like the stuff I sent in as much as some other stuff. But what I sent in got me the audition. So, I don’t know.(!!!)

I probably don’t have to go into all the super minutiae of it, but let’s do it, because why not?

(If you don’t wanna hear all the silly back and forth about my song choices, feel free to just skip these posts and come back later. (Please come back. :-))

And we’ll pick up here tomorrow.

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