Auditioning for the BMI Musical Theatre Workshop! – Part 8 (And What About The Up-Tempo Song?)

September 27, 2015

Picking up from yesterday –

Then comes the up-tempo song. This one was talked about a lot. It’s funny because the email says that even though you must bring 3 songs, you should only plan on doing two. Most likely, I will not perform this song. Yet tons of thought has been put into which one I should do.

There’s a school of thought that thinks I should do the one about texting from my packet, because it’s cute-ish, simple, and tells a story. It’s a contrast to the other two songs. And it’s something from my original packet. There is a thought that I should at least do something from my original packet. After all, that’s what got me the audition.

There’s also a school of thought that thinks maybe I should bring a song about plastic surgery. I have a number of them from this musical I wrote originally titled Size Matters, later titled, What Are You Getting Done? Some of them again have been submitted in the past. Some of them have not. Also, I can re-tool any of them, as I like to think I’ve gotten better over the past few years.

Or maybe I should do the being nervous to audition song (that we talked about). The point is, I should maybe do something that’s not about a relationship.

“Aurora, do you want to present yourself as someone who mainly writes about relationships? I know you’re trying to show your technical skills. But what about your big overarching creative thoughts? Do they want someone who can just write a technically good song? Or do they want a class of people who are hopefully the future of musical theater – who have bigger ideas?”

(Obviously, I’m sure they want both. But the point is, they want both. It’s important to show the big ideas with the technical skill.)

And when a friend whom I really trust (Fareed – you’ve met him on this blog before) gave me that little monologue, I had to start thinking harder – especially ‘cause I probably won’t even perform the third song!

And then we talk about if maybe I should do a plastic surgery song instead of the sex song, and open with that… You know? Be different. Have a point of view. Show people you see other things in the world than human relationships.

There’s also a possibility to do a song about a couple waiting to find out if the woman is pregnant. Yes, that is still technically about a relationship. But it’s a side of a relationship many musicals don’t cover. Plus, it involves a whole ‘nother a relationship – one with a baby.

There’s a part I like in the song where one person says, “Will it show one line or two?” Then the other persons says, “Or will it turn pink or blue?” And they realize they don’t even know how to read the test. So they have to go digging in the trash for the instructions. I dunno. I think it’s fun. So that’s yet another possibility! Gah!

I went through a cycle of, “Okay, I’ve decided.” Then after thinking about songs for a while, I’d think something new, or something new would be pointed out to me. And then I’d rip open my computer and write something new or re-write something older.

My head spun and spun and spun like this basically ’til I left for New York – who am I kidding? Until I was practically heading into the audition. After all, it’s not technically too late to change until right before you go in there. (I actually wrote that line before even going to the audition, but I knew it would be true, and oh goodness was it.)

[Spoiler alert (since I told you the other songs): Going into New York, I did tentatively pick the texting song after all. We’ll see what happens!]

And this is where I’ll pick up next time.

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