Auditioning for the BMI Musical Theatre Workshop! – Part 13 (Monday Morning With B)

October 2, 2015

Picking up from yesterday –

Once I made it to EWR, I raced down to Hamilton to enter the lottery. B (my high school theater teacher) was there. And alas, we didn’t get in. So we went to the TKTS booth. (We’re in New York. Gotta see something!) We got tickets to On The Town for its closing night!

It was nice to see an older show on the weekend of my audition for a place that values the whole history of musical theater.

B and I checked into the hotel, went to bed, and slept in a bit. (Well, I slept in a little, and couldn’t decide if I wanted to sleep longer, so we just laid in bed talking for like 2 hours. She is so fascinating with so much knowledge and so many opinions. I could talk to her every minute for the rest of my life.)

I was on such an insanely weird schedule. (Doesn’t that seem to be the case in every blog post? What is with me and schedules?)

For one thing, I was in an entirely different time zone on the other side of the country. For another, I work nights – 5:30pm to 2:30am. We originally woke up around the time I’m usually going to bed! So, my body had no idea what was going on, which is fine. I’ll sleep when I sleep and just be awake sometimes. Whatever.

After noon, we went to get food. There was a place just down the street from where we were staying called “George’s.” It was so awesome! The servings were HUGE. The food was delicious. And the radio station they played was full of the greatest oldies. I loved eating there.

(Side note: The wonder that B had in how beautiful the super curly fries were is the wonder in which I want to see the whole world. She is so cool and awesome it’s incapable of being described – sorry, I know I’m a writer, but you just have to experience it.)

So, if I do get into BMI and anyone comes to visit to watch my 10-minute-musical at the end of the 1st year, I’d love to go George’s! (And I’m writing it in the blog so we won’t forget. Daddy, remind me. I know you’ll be coming to the show.)

After George’s B and I went back to the hotel room to practice my audition songs. It’s been a while since we worked together, so I’d forgotten how spectacular B is at giving notes! She was really helpful. We went over things. We re-went over things…

…And then we decided on changing a song.

[*scary chords – dum dum duuuuum*]

And this is where we’ll pick up tomorrow.

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