Auditioning for the BMI Musical Theatre Workshop! – Part 14 (Changing Songs – The Night Before)

Saturday, October 3rd, 2015

Picking up from yesterday –

I’ve already talked in another post about how I really liked “If This Is What Sex Has Become,” and so did other people. I like performing it, and I hope that at some point, I get to perform it (in the musical it’s from).

However, we decided a better song would be the new audition song I’d written (the one about being nervous to audition for BMI).

We were going over the sex song. She was having my do it in different ways. I was dressed in what I was going to wear to the audition, so she could get the exact sense of what I was gonna do/look like. She had me do the song completely still and just make faces. She had me do it writing around. We were trying all these things to make it interesting for an audition scenario.

‘Cause she pointed out that onstage a funny part of it will be the choreography of the squirming person beneath the covers, and I can’t create that by myself. Still, we could do something good and make it funny… But we started to get iffy on if this was really the song that was going to get me in the workshop.

When I first mentioned the idea of doing the auditioning for BMI song, B said, “Isn’t that the one you read for me at dinner last night?”

(We’d grabbed a bite before On The Town. So, I’m reading to her this idea for a song in a loud crowded place. The verses are all over the place in the notes section of my phone, so I barely know what I’m saying, and I have to keep hunting around for what’s next… So, I know she didn’t get the best impression of it.)

I said, “Yeah, it’s the song I read last night.” She was all, “No. I don’t think you need to worry about it.” Knowing I could do better (and that I kinda liked that song and wanted to fight for it a little) I asked, “Are you sure?”

I acted the beginning (my favorite part). And she quickly changed her mind, saying maybe it was a good idea, and asking me to do more. So I did. We generally liked the idea, but there were parts we were iffy about (some of which I mentioned in a previous post).

I said, “That’s not a big deal! I can tweak and make changes. But if we like this overall song/idea better, we should do this one.

And this is where I’ll pick up next time.

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