Getting Into the BMI Musical Theatre Workshop! – Part 1 (How This Will Affect My Job)

October 14, 2015

Continuing on with the story (but starting a new chapter) –

As soon as I got off the phone with B, it was time to leap into action.

I emailed my boss. It hurt to write the email to her. I have an amazing boss whom I’ve worked with before.

I just started this job too. I’d only even worked one full week (and a half) when I got this email!

She’d already been wildly accommodating. “Sure you can come late on Wednesdays and Fridays to finish out your Groundlings class.” “Sure you can have the day after Labor Day off, since you already have a New York trip planned.” (That was the trip for my audition, thought I didn’t super bring attention to that when I asked for the day off…)

So, I hated to be like, “Hey, you know how you’ve been the best boss ever and made a million concessions for me? Well, bye!”
(Spoiler alert: It’s not bye, but I will alas need even more concessions. Oof.)

Also, this was the day I’d gotten my first paycheck – making a lot more money here than I have at any other job thus far.

When I saw that paycheck, I thought about getting paid that every week. I thought about everything I could do with that pay bump – the ballet lessons I could take, the fun I could have, and the money I could save.

And alas, about 3 hours after receiving that pay check, I have to say, “No thanks,” and say goodbye to all that.

(Btw, it’s not like I was making all that super much money in the scheme of people who actually make like a lot of money. But for me and what I was used to, it was a nice jump – with money even going toward my pension, baby! Union!)

Here’s the great thing though. When my boss and I were first discussing this job, she mentioned almost in passing at the end of our phone call, “Oh, and for the first 6 weeks, I need the AEs on a split schedule so we can get as much footage ingested as possible. Can you work Tuesdays-Saturdays?”

Why, yes, I can!

After the first week, she realized the footage was getting ingested so quickly that we could just have a normal Monday – Friday schedule. So, I was supposed to switch to that starting the Monday just 4 days after I got my acceptance. BUT thank goodness for that Groundlings class.

Since I had class M, W, F (meaning I already had to come late two days a week), she said I could keep my normal schedule for 2 more weeks ’til the class ended (so I wouldn’t have to come late Mondays as well).

So, here’s the thing. As insane as it is, it actually makes more sense to finish out my job here in LA while flying back and forth to New York for Monday classes. After all, here I have an incredible deal on an apartment. I have a job with pretty steady incoming money (and benefits).

There I have no plans. I don’t know where I’m gonna live or work, or what I’m gonna do. So it makes the most sense to go back and forth as I transition.

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