Getting Into the BMI Musical Theatre Workshop! – Part 3 (Weird Announcing On Social Media)

October 16, 2015

Aurora De Lucia giving a surirpised face in a towel in her kitchen
(This is the face I used on instagram. Good cheekbones, right? :-P)

Picking up from last time –

After the initial logistics were figured out, it was time to spread the news!

I started telling people one by one that I got in. Some people were excited.

Some people actually were just like, “Eh, I’m not surprised.” Those moments were pretty anti-climactic, though I suppose I appreciated the confidence. 😛

The whole social media aspect of it was a little stressful to me. Of course I wanted to put it out right away… But then I wanted to make sure I tried to tell people personally first.

I also (as silly as this sounds) didn’t know what picture to announce it with. I do have a picture from before my audition, but it’s not my best picture. And I don’t look as excited as I would be to get into BMI.

(Even though it’s so silly, I actually meant to take pictures by the building of various faces so I’d have a great one to go with the announcement, but in the day, the idea of that somehow got lost… I should’ve told B. She probably would’ve remembered. Oh well, no need to pre-construct a moment that hasn’t happened…)

Aurora De Lucia smiling in a towel in her kitchen)
(and this is the one from Facebook… Legit, it’s a good teeth day, right? ;))

I do have these random excited pictures of myself from like a year or so ago. For some reason I was in a towel in my kitchen and I took selfies about being really excited about something. I think it was for something not even that cool, I was just having a bit of a good skin day or something(!).

And I still kind of like those random excited pictures, because my collarbone’s popping out pretty nicely, and I feel I look thin. I also feel like I really do look excited, and like my teeth are a nice super shiny white.

So, I’m like, “I’m going with these!” But then I thought, “Is this so dumb. Are people gonna be like, “Why does it look like you’re naked? Why did you pick such a lame picture?” Also, will people refrain from liking it because I look naked-ish?

Aye, aye, aye, too much to think about!

I will say though, I have pretty much never felt as cool as when I put “NY 3 days/week, LA 4 days/week” as my location in my twitter profile. I even took a screenshot thinking, “I will never again (or probably at least not anytime soon) sound as cool as this!”

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