I Re-Passed Basic At The Groundlings!

Tuesday, October 27th, 2015

Aurora and friends on the Groundlings stageBefore we get even more into New York stuff and I forget all about this, I re-passed my 87th billion Basic class at the Groundlings (for anyone on the edge of your seats).

It’s sort of funny because this time around, I told myself “no matter what happens, I have to keep moving forward in the Groundlings. No more of this dipping your toe in, getting scared, making excuses, blah blah blah and leaving. It’s like, you find the time. You find the money. You’re gonna either fail wildly and it’s over, or you’re gonna get in the Sunday company. Either way, you go until there’s an actual ending…”

And then I got a job in New York. So it’s gonna be really hard [i.e. I’m pretty sure I’m not gonna do it, regarding the Groundlings] to stick to the whole “no excuses!” thing… ‘Cause uh, I don’t have a hiatus long enough to take a class in Los Angeles (now that I’m working in New York) – unless they start offering 2-week programs with classes 6-days/week (that happen to fall in my two-week breaks). Huh? Groundlings? Whaddya say? 😉

Anyway, going back to passing the class, I wrote my teacher basically to tell him I needed to drop the class because I’d be in New York. Our last class was on the Monday I started BMI. Obviously, I couldn’t miss the first class at BMI. (That’s not just a common sense thing. That’s an actual BMI rule. If you can’t be at the first two classes, you can’t be in the program.)

Aurora holding her special goodbye snack at GroundlingsOur Groundlings class was sort of kind of supposed to end on a Friday. But because of a holiday, we were carrying over a class to Monday. I don’t know if that’s why my teacher showed mercy on me (or maybe because I’d already taken Basic, and passed it twice, and was re-taking because my clock had run out). But for whatever reason, he said I could do my final scenes that Friday if I wanted to.

It was such a sweet Friday! Groundlings class (as we pretty much know) usually streeeeeeess me out. But this class was full of sweethearts. Someone even brought rice krispy treats with frosting that said, “Good luck in the” and then there was a “big apple.” Can you believe that? How sweet and cute! Loved it.

It was just great.

Then I had my evaluation. I passed. My teacher was funny. Also, he mentioned that usually, with life experience, Groundlings won’t seem like such a big, scary, stressful thing. I then thought out loud about moving a million times, having open heart surgery, sleeping in a homeless shelter for a night at my most poor, and wondering how much more life experience I needed.

He was basically like, “Well, that should be enough!” So, I dunno. Oh, Groundlings. I’ll miss it so much (even if that sounds silly to say when it makes me crazy and makes me cry and makes me have big meltdowns)… I’ll miss the stress. But at least I have passed basic again. Yay!

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