Interviewing At The Nightly Show – Part 3 (My Persistence)

Friday, October 30th, 2015

Picking up from last time –

I didn’t get the job. But I tried to stay in touch with the lead editor. She was the only even semi-connection I had into the Jon Stewart world. We did get along nicely in the phone interview. So, I tried.

I emailed her after the premiere episode to tell her how I enjoyed it. And I emailed her a couple of other times – maybe once every few months just to say I liked a piece or something.

She never wrote me back.

Side note: Actually, before all this happened, I have a drafted post on like “how hard is trying too hard,” and that type of thing because I’m always a little on the intense side. Sometimes it works and sometimes it turns people off… And I’m not great at just picking up on cues. (Oof.)

During this time, I just think, “Oh, she’s probably just busy.”
Of course there’s a part of me that’s like, “Oh, I’m annoying, and she doesn’t care about me.” But that part is often quiet until someone explicitly says, “You’re being too intense for me.” [*takes a minute to pause and reflect on if I’m a socially adept human being. Decides not to worry about that for now.*]

Aaaaaanyway, I was actually pretty much giving up on the idea of her wanting to talk to me anymore since I never got a response (to my very sparse emails – I am kind of normal. ;))

However, when I got the news that I’d gotten into BMI, it was like, “Okay, well I’m going to write everyone I’ve ever even said hello to in New York. I don’t care! I need a job!”

And she was one of the people I wrote.

Funnily enough, because I have BMI on Monday nights, I was actually really trying to get on Last Week Tonight with Jon Oliver. They mainly work Wednesday – Sunday. So, I wouldn’t have to worry about BMI at all. And I kind of thought that since this person was in the Jon Stewart family, she might be able to tell me if anything was open over there.

However, she had an opening, and Mondays weren’t a problem (yay!).

Flying into BMI on my first Monday in New York (when I thought I was gonna do all that commuting), I was meaning to write her. But the Wifi on the plane was hourly instead of for the whole plane ride. And I thought, “This is dumb. I’m not giving you guys any money for this dumb policy.” So, I put it off ’til later.

And this is where I’ll pick up next time.

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