Interviewing At The Nightly Show – Part 5 (Getting the Job)

Sunday, November 1st, 2015

Picking up from last time –

When I went into the office, I knew even harder that I really wanted this job. The head security guard greeted me so nicely. He asked if I wanted to use the bathroom. I didn’t realize, “Yeah, I think I do.” (Sometimes you gotta pee those nerves out, right?)

On my way to the bathroom, I almost ran into someone carrying a large plate of food. “I’m so sorry!” I said. That person stopped and looked at me and said, “Don’t be so sorry! It was my fault for roaming around here not paying attention.”

Everyone just seemed so super nice and sweet.

After I came back up from the bathroom, I went upstairs and interviewed. (The lead editor is the nicest person.) I tried to be honest while playing up whatever strengths I had. I did let her know I hadn’t been an assistant all alone before. Even if I’ve worked alone during my shift, there’s always been a day person I tag-team with. So, I was a little nervous to be the sole AE – excited and ready – but nervous.

Ultimately, it seemed the interview went pretty fine because in the interview she was like, “We love you. We need you to start tomorrow.” (TOMORROW)

She also said this was technically just a two-week trial. She told me it was more for me to see if I liked it here and working in a different environment (late night vs reality, and to some extent NY vs LA). I’m sure it was also for her to see if she liked me.

(But later, another editor laughed with us at lunch when she remembered my boss even telling her she wanted to make sure I wanted to stick around. Like, what? You’re worried I’m not gonna like working in NY in the Jon Stewart family? How silly!)

Even though it was a two-week trial, I just went all in. I committed to an apartment. (We’ll get to that part.) I got my stuff out of LA. I was like, “This is my job, holmes!”

And this is where I’ll pick up next time.

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