My First Bad Day In New York City

November 4, 2015

I didn’t know it was possible to have a bad day in New York City…

And I learned the way to have one is to feel a threat that you may have to leave.

Within my first two weeks at work (which were still technically a trial – *dum dum duuuuum* [scary chords]), things didn’t always go perfectly.

There was a lot to do when I got there. There was a lot of catching up to be done, and it was a change working in late night vs. reality. And I had one day specifically where it just seemed like everything was going wrong. I messed up an export (a big one that took a long time to re-do). I thought I’d brought a full shoot in, but didn’t bring in the GoPros. It was a mess of a day!

And it didn’t help that I felt like I was never sleeping. I was working all the time (trying to be impressive) – thinking I was going to get ahead on things. But it just never happened ’cause every time I’d think I’d finished a project, there was more to do. Between that and apartment hunting (and some fun things I tried to fit in that I most definitely did not have to do – which we’ll get to later), I was just too tired. I was so fried, and apparently incapable of doing anything right on that fateful day.

And even still, I tried to do work on my BMI assignment after work. (After all, I was staying at my composer’s house, so it was hard to not do any.)

I woke up all throughout the night wondering if I’d be fired. (I’m sure that didn’t help anything – not getting any real rest.)

But things were okay.

In the moment this happened, I was a complete and total wreck. Looking back on it now, it’s not so scary (’cause I still have my job).

My boss was super patient and realized my whole life was tumbling all over the place. So, she gave me a pass. And now she compliments my work all the time, which feels great. I’ve definitely gotten approximately a million percent better at my job since that day.

We had a talk at the end of the two weeks (as I was supposed to sign on an apartment after work that day). I told her if she was going to fire me to please do it before I signed the paperwork, and she literally laughed at the idea of firing me, which made me feel so good. She saw the future of our great working relationship and of me being capable, and I will always be so grateful to her for that.

Signing the apartment paperwork is a story in itself, and we’ll get there too.

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