(#18) The Silent Lady (At UCB Inner Sanctum – October 25, 2015)

November 7, 2015

Aurora looking at Cozi in silent lady
(It looks purple because we recreated it after the show when the lighting had already changed.)

So now, let’s go back and grab the performance between those two.

My friend Cozi and I had talked/semi-joked about this improv idea called the “Silent Lady.” It’s where I don’t have to say anything and just give big facial expressions and body positions.

I know “silent lady” sounds a little sexist. But it’s perfect for me because I love to have big reactions and I’m afraid to say things in improv.

So, on one of the weekends I was back in Los Angeles for packing and such, we headed over to the UCB inner sanctum and put our names in the bucket.

When we got up there, he gave a cute little speech I wasn’t expecting about how I was his best friend and was leaving, so we were trying this one last thing we’d been wanting to try together. It was super sweet.

It wasn’t a perfect performance. (Obviously. Is anything ever perfect?) But it was pretty fun.

I think it’s actually a pretty possible form. But I think it would require a little more practice. Of course Cozi felt a little wonky not having anyone give him actual words. And I felt a little wonky ’cause I’d want to say things sometime!

I also feel like even though I did give big facial expressions and body positions, they could’ve been bigger. I think I held back a bit ’cause it felt so stylized – but that’s the point… It’s really stylized!

So, I think if we did it again, we could continue getting better. I dunno. It’s a fun form. And I’d like to try it again sometime!

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