(#7) A Children’s Show Audition (August 3, 2015)

Sunday, November 8th, 2015

While we’re going back and grabbing stuff, I’m gonna go ahead and count my audition to play a cute little piggy as one of my performances.

The jury’s still out for me if auditions should count. After all, they are helpful. You prepare for them. And you are performing for somebody. But I dunno.

Either way, I’m counting this.

The song I sang was “The Girl in 14G.” I’ll admit that in the morning, my voice was kind of tired, and I was cracking on some of the high notes. (Oof!) So, I tried warmed up my voice more in the uber. (The driver was super nice about it, but I bet he was at least semi-annoyed – though I also bet that uber driving in LA is filled with people prepping for auditions.)

At the audition itself, the song went really well. I felt good. I dressed children’s show-y. I sounded children’s show-y. I got to read a little dialogue and felt good. And alas, I heard nothing.

Side story: I got along with the audition monitor pretty well, because we bonded over having worked in the same office in New York! (In different years.) The world is soooooo teeny tiny. My goodness!

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