Moving To New York (Ish) – Part 3 (…And Then I Found Another Place? (Almost))

November 19, 2015

Picking up from yesterday –

As I was starting to get a liiiiiittle nervous about the apartment search, I started re-looking on apps and things. And I found an apartment – another rent stabilized apartment(!!!!), on 46th & 8th(!!!!!!!!), which is basically my dream location.

I went and looked at it, and it was real!

And I *almost* took it. I was the first person to see it, and the very next person who saw it took it (of course).

The only things that kept me from it were – I’d already paid a few hundred dollars down as some pre-security on the one I currently have… Though, a few hundred dollars in the scheme of life is losable…

But I also really loved my realtor for the one I have, and didn’t want to let him down. And the 46th and 8th one was a pocket listing, so he didn’t have access…

And the broker was working for a firm that wasn’t necessarily rated super highly online (though he himself seemed pretty awesome)… And I later to came to learn that while that broker firm wasn’t rated great, my management company is rated terribly. And I think what ultimately matters is not necessarily the broker you use (as long as you successfully get your apartment). It’s the management company, ’cause that’s the thing you have to deal with day in and out.

But *most, most most* importantly, that building allowed pets. And while location was wildly important to me, being in a building that didn’t allow pets was the absolute most important thing to me.

Because, I was letting all the other stuff go. I was literally filling out the form, just thinking, “I don’t care. Sorry to my broker, but he gets a few hundred dollars. It’s all fine.” And then I got to the box that asked if I had pets. I asked the guy what the policy was. And I’m too afraid of dogs to live in a building where they might be roaming around…

So, I gave up the amazing location (though I’m still in Hell’s Kitchen, and super close to work), and honestly, still in a pretty nice location – close to the park and Lincoln Center and all that jazz.

So, it’s all fine… I mean, I did have a little mini-crisis about it when work and BMI both weren’t going great, and I thought, “This is it. This is the last and only time I get to live in Hell’s Kitchen. And I didn’t pick the place with the view of Times Square,” and that made me super super sad. But life is long. And I just hope I get that Times Square apartment… someday.

Aaaanyway, signing the papers of the place I got was nuts. And I’ll talk about that tomorrow.

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