Being Oh So Welcomed The The Jon Stewart Family (Oct 1, 2015)

November 22, 2015

(my selfie waiting in Penn Station at a crazy time of morning)
(my selfie waiting in Penn Station at a crazy time of morning)

As I was walking away from work (pretty late, when the building was basically closing (as I just kept trying to get more hours in and do more work)), I saw this big group of people get really (really, really, really super) excited about a bus stop ad for The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.

As I overheard them, I asked “Do you work on the Daily Show?” (The excitement + taking selfies with an ad + wearing a Daily Show sweatshirt kinda gave it away.)

They said yes(!). And I added “I work on The Nightly Show! Then they erupted with kind awesomeness, saying “Oh you’re like our cousin! Are you coming out with us? You are now!” (And I did!)

They were coming from a party celebrating Trevor Noah’s start as the host. And they were in the mood for fun.

We traversed around Times Square and went to a secret place. 😉 And I got to talk all night with these super interesting people.

After only 3 days, I feel so (SO) welcomed – like I really am a member of the Jon Stewart family. 

When I drafted this post the next day, I ended with this: New York is magical. (If this happens to all be some kind of dream, and I’m in a coma – leave me there!)

And I just wanted to leave it there to preserve all the sweet, sweet joy.

I knew it wasn’t the *smartest* thing to go out with everyone when I had a million things to do and was so sleep deprived. But I also knew I kind of had to, ’cause… come on! When do you not hang out with the Daily Show crew?

At the time I was still staying out by Newark Airport. (Eesh.) So, by the time we actually got done, I’d missed the last train, and had to sit around ’til 4 or so in the morning… Worth it!

Ah, New York. Really is so magical.

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