Going To A Dodger Game! (Sept 19, 2015)

Wednesday, November 25th, 2015

Aurora De Lucia with a surprised face while eating a hot dogI’ve been working my way through my book of 1,001 things to do in LA. Of course this one was in there, and the last place I worked happened to give away free tickets, just for the fun of it, to a game on one of my last weekends in town. So, I went with my good friend!

I don’t have a ton to say about the game itself. I don’t follow baseball, but I enjoyed hanging out with my friend all day, walking around the stadium, and seeing people from work.

I of course liked taking a bunch of pictures. And Fred savage was there to throw a pitch! Then we talked about how awesome Fred Savage seems and how fantastic The Grinder is. (Are you watching? ‘Cause it’s a good thing to watch!)

Also, on the very top of my list was to try a veggie Dodger dog. Mmmmm It was so delicious. I’d go back to a Dodger game just to have one of those. Yummy!

We also got to try the public transport to and from Union Station, as there are buses that take you to and from the game. Not only was it convenient, it was fun to meet other fans, and they played music to amp you up while you were in line to wait.

(At the end of the game, the line is kind of long for the bus, but that was all good for us. I wasn’t in a hurry.)

We didn’t win. The Pirates won by 1. But I think because of playoff standings that didn’t really matter? All I know is the veggie dog was delicious!

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