My Last Workout At Sweat Garage (September 15, 2016)

November 26, 2015

Aurora's last day at sweat garageAwwwwwww.

I viewed the week of September 14 as basically my last true and full week in Los Angeles. It was the week after I got my BMI acceptance letter, and the week before I started BMI. Even though I planned on commuting, and would be spending the majority of my time in Los Angeles, I knew my life and schedule and everything would change.

And it’s a good thing I viewed my last week as that week, because very soon after, I moved to New York.

So, in that week, I was trying to do one last tour of all the stuff I really, really, really liked to do in Los Angeles. (I did it with The Simpsons table read. I ate places I liked, and saw people I loved, etc.)

New buddy at the sweat garage party
(an old picture from the Sweat Garage party)

And one thing I loooove is Sweat Garage – especially the classes Wes teaches. It’s a great workout that lives up to its name. I really do leave sweating every time. (And there’s this fantastic salad place up the street (Mean Greens), which is a place I love to grab some post-workout fuel.)

I also looked back through the blog to see if I could find the story of the Sweat Garage anniversary party… And I don’t see it! Did I never blog about it?

At the end of the first week I first started at Sweat Garage, they had an anniversary party. And even though I was a brand new client, everyone opened me in with the biggest sweetest arms, and we had a grand time. I also learned this really inspirational story about the owner, and obstacles he overcame, and how he started the business. I loved it. I love this place!

So, in my unofficial last week, I made sure to make time for a Wes class. It was wonderful and challenging, of course (as per usual). And at the end of class, he very sweetly made us all pose for a picture. And they put it on the Sweat Garage instagram!

I miss that place already!

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