(#16) Let’s Make a Deal Zonk Redemption (Oct 17, 2015)

November 27, 2015

Aurora in her outfit in the zonk redemption tentThis is maybe a little silly to label this as one of my 52 performances in 52 weeks, isn’t it?

But, I had a costume made, and I “performed” my butt off all day with the dancing and huge smiles while in the audience (that they tell everyone to do, to hope to try to increase our chances of getting picked). So, I’m counting it!

Huh, apparently, I posted part 1 of the last time I went to zonk redemption (about a year ago?!), and never told the rest of the story.

Aye, aye, aye. So much to put in the blog!


I had a flight out of NY first thing Saturday morning (since I never know when I’m getting off work Friday, and it’s always late).

And the flight was delayed.

The original plan was that I’d be in LA with plenty of time to spare. I’d have time to take public transport and probably even go home first. But no.

The flight was delayed. It was a crazy morning. A bunch of us had to wait in this super long line to try to re-book. In the line, I was trying to use apps and phone numbers and anything I could to help.

I became friends with a girl in line after I called an agent and refused to get off the phone until this girl was helped.

Ultimately, I got on a flight just in time to take a cab straight from the airport to Let’s Make a Deal.

The guys at the coffee cart charged my phone for me because they are awesome, and I was overly using my phone all day (with all that airport line business).

I even told my crazy story of running around the airport and barely making it, as part of my contestant story when they ask about you. I thought maybe that might help a little… And I was incorrect. I didn’t get on the show.

I still had fun. It’s a great place to be.

And as soon as it was over, I went home, changed, and then went out with one of my closest friends, who wouldn’t be in town the following weekend for my going away party.

We had possibly the most fun we’ve ever had. So, even though I didn’t get on Let’s Make a Deal, the day was not a bust!

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