My LA Going Away Party (October 23, 2015)

Saturday, November 28th, 2015

Brandong hugging AuroraWith everything going on, somehow it hadn’t even crossed my mind to have a going away party…

So, it was super nice with a friend of mine – and not even a necessarily super close friend of mine – decided to throw one.

I’m not usually one for bars, but he picked this cool arcade bar. And I was just kinda like, “I’m gonna let you do all the planning and picking and what have you.” All I had to do was pick a day and time I was free, and he did the rest.

I know I’ve complained a fair amount about people in LA – that sometimes people can be kinda fake, or friendships aren’t always strong, or that it’s a little lonely sometimes.

But goodness, when I’m leaving, I’m reminded of how many amazing people I have in my life. It was good to see that and be reminded of that.

Crosby and AuroraIt’s maybe a little harder to leave than I once thought. And I maybe love a few more people a little more than I thought. *deep, loving sigh*

I promised myself I wouldn’t make a home in LA, but after 5 or so years, I did.

I loved seeing people from various phases – different jobs, different comedy things. Even one of my old uber drivers was there.

One of my good friends made fun of me in a sweet, lovely, lighthearted way, saying he loved that I made friends *literally* everywhere I went – and he made the case by reminding me an uber driver was at my party. It made me feel so special and cool!

And then my friends gave me a card that I’ve been keeping at desk.

I am *SO* excited to be in NY. But it’s still nice to feel that LA love when I look over at that card. Thanks, friends!

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