Hiking To The Griffith Observatory (October 24, 2016)

Sunday, November 29th, 2015

Aurora standing outside the Griffith Observatory domeYet another thing on my LA list getting checked off!

This was one of the top things that was super on my list that I can’t believe I never got around to… until I did!

My great friend James asked what I wanted to do on basically kind of my last real-ish weekend of living-ish in LA. And I said, “I have to hike to the Griffith Observatory, consarn it, or my head will explode” (as I should’ve already done it four million times).

So, we went.

We went a little later than we’d planned, ’cause you know, packing. Life. It happens.

I was slightly worried about hiking at night ’cause I thought it might be too dark and we might get a little lost (or eaten by an animal or something, who knows).

Aurora on the hike on the way up to the Griffith ObservatoryHowever, the path up to Griffith Observatory is pretty well-lit and short. So, it’s totally cool to do at night – which is good because it’s good to observe space and such at night.

The observatory is pretty. You get to do a fair amount of walking outside to get between different parts of the building(s).

You get to walk up steps to be able to look through this huge telescope-y observe-y thing. (You can tell I’m a Mensa member, huh? A big telescope-y thing…)

There’s also science exhibits and I think even a film playing (that we didn’t watch) in the main building.

It’s really cool and pretty and science-y and learn-y (again with the super smart words there), and I’d totally recommend it as a fun thing to do!

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