Last-Minute Trip To In-N-Out! (October 26, 2015)

Monday, November 30th, 2015

Aurora laughing and drinking her shakeOn my way out of town, I met this fun person at an improv show I was doing.

He came over to get my bookcase (since I was getting rid of tons of stuff), and while he was there, he asked if I wanted to go get dinner.

I didn’t really super have time for dinner. I looked at stuff strewn about the room, and the clock – knowing I had to fly out that night.

But going to In-N-Out was on my list of LA stuff to do. (How have I not done such basic stuff in 5 or so years of living there?)

So, we took a ride to In-N-Out. It was farther than we both thought. (Where are all the downtown In-N-Outs, yo?) And of course LA traffic was pretty much killing us with out crunched time.

But we survived and went through the drive through. We tried it all – a grilled cheese sandwich for me, a shake, and the fries.

I don’t know if I was just all hopped up on excitement, but i liked it! I’d been to In-N-Out once before I moved to LA and didn’t like it. I complained about the “California sauce.” But this time, I liked it!

He sped me home, I ran to get my stuff, and I rode off into the sunset for New York City.

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