The Last Of The Packing Heading Out Of Los Angeles

December 3, 2015

Auroras face on her cloud bed cropped
Oh my cloud bed!

Yesterday, I talked about trying to make my home here, I almost forgot to talk about leaving my home there.

It was so weird, ’cause it was a sloooooow burn.

I came home each of the basically first three weekends to grab my stuff. So, slowly but surely, boxes were going to the UPS store and making their way to New York.

On my final real weekend in LA, I finally got rid of my furniture.

It was funny, because years(!) earlier, I bought the cheapest furniture I could find. It was always my intention to leave LA. And I wanted to be able to pick up and leave as quickly as possible. (The escape plan may have come later than I thought, but it came all right! I had to leave just as quickly as I’d dreamed I might.)

So, I hired a task rabbit to take my futon, desk, etc. – any furniture I had all to goodwill in the middle of the night (the slow secret burn – not a real super true move out).

And then… Oh, then… I had to get rid of my cloud bed!

The one and only nice thing I bought in LA was a beautiful, perfect soft mattress that I adored. I called it my cloud bed. It was my favorite thing! And I left it as practically the very last thing in my room.

Seeing light for the first time through my window 2
(Seeing the light pop through my window)

And on my last day in Los Angeles, I called a garbage pick-up service. And they took away the cloud bed! (I laid on it one last precious time until they got there. I’d been go, go, go since I got home that weekend. So, I just laid on my bed and waited… (and checked my phone and stuff. I mean, I’m not made of time here.))

It was generally a little weird leaving. I mean, I still have a part of a closet there with some clothes and socks and toiletries, and stuff for when I come home. But the vast majority of my stuff came with me.

It was interesting to go through every thing I had. I saw all these SAT books ’cause I went on a kick where I was gonna take it and go to “real” college and everything. And I’m pretty sure that’s not happening.

I also unpacked until I had one lone medal on my wall – my first half marathon medal. My room just started looking emptier and emptier as I unboxed (or I guess boxed up) every memory, remembering the last 5 or so (or even more) years of my life…

The final thing I did was remove this blackout stuff I’d put over my window. I have a huuuuge window in LA. And I was often working odd hours. So, I just blacked it out (’cause I still had the fantastic view in the living room). And it was so odd for the light to come shining in!

Looking at the room so empty took me back to when I first moved in. Ah, life. Crazy.

(And I got a new cloud bed in New York!… Only now it has a frame. So I call it the Princess Bed :-))

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