Philly Trip Day 2! (Tuesday, Nov 24, 2015)

December 7, 2015

Aurora De Lucia on top of Philly City HallI stuck around another day, because I love Philadelphia!

(Spoiler alert: I just stuck around the whole week – kept extending my trip one day at a time.)

This morning, I started by going up to the top of City Hall. It was beautiful! It’s well worth the affordable ticket.

You go up this old rickety elevator and then you see this goooorgeous view of the city. (And if you look above you, you can partially see the big statue of William Penn hanging out.)

Aurora eating an eclair at Swiss Haus
(So so good from Swiss Haus Bakery!)

I also went to the Federal Reserve Bank which is incredibly dope! There were all these interactive exhibits and fun games about learning all about money. You’re not allowed to take pictures. (Agh, Philadelphia!) But I highly recommend going there!

I took a jaunt by the Betsy Ross house. I got to meet “Betsy Ross.” There are actually different Betsy Rosses – from different time periods of her life – based on when you go there, which I think is pretty super cool!

I tried out Swiss Haus bakery, because apparently, I’m determined to undo all the work I did burning calories at the marathon. They had the most delicious eclair. Philadelphia has got some sweets!

I checked out the Philly Museum of History, which was fun. There were various themed rooms, and there’s a huge room with a big map on the floor. Also, the person working the front desk was super nice, which I loved.

Aurora giving a big happy face in the visit Philly chairI also made stops by the Jewish Museum. (“Don’t Rain On My Parade” was 100% in my head for the rest of the day.) I also stopped by Washington Square. (City Hall is surrounded by 4 squares, and throughout my trip, I wanted to hit all of them.)

At night, I went to Winterfest with a new friend I met at the Betsy Ross house! (Isn’t it lovely how friendly everyone is here?) I got free tickets from twitter. (Yay Philly twitter accrounts – so awesome!)

Winterfest basically has warm drinks, cute places to sit, and ice skating.

On the way there, we stopped by Underdogs for a vegetarian hot dog (which was delicious – they have a hall of fame if you try all the hot dogs there… could be a cute/fun weekly project for people who live there… if you’re really into hot dogs).

And that basically covers that day – full of sightseeing and fun! (I. Love. Philadelphia.)


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